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The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

April 28, 2015

11Well, I have to admit that I have a bit of reluctance to read this book. If it is not for group read, I might have skipped it entirely. The reason is: The movie sucks!

So, I read it. It is pretty much better than the movie. It looks like that it is not easy to transfer a radio show into a good movie, but it is easier to transfer it to a book. I am still looking for the original radio transcript.

There are no obvious story line in this book, except that you follow two hitchhikers from Earth (one Earthling and one alien). The story is a satire, laughing at our daily life in a hilarious beyond Earth setting, with not-quite-intelligent alien life forms (in form of humanoids, reptiloids, and all other-loids), with exception of Zooey Deschanel.

There are plenty of English dark humor here that give me quite a laugh, but unfortunately not enough story line to get me hooked. I cannot help to compare it with Redshirts, with has better plot therefore much more enjoyable. I am not going to spoil the humor in this review, so read it by yourself. I also find that the first half of the book is funnier that the rest. So many clever jokes, especially when you can get out of your Earth-view, and laugh at those ignorant Earthlings (a.k.a carbon based oxygen sucker semi-intelligent life form).

So, the final verdict: read the book (or better get the original radio show), but avoid the movie like a plague.

three star



October 2, 2013

RedshirtsThere are times for serious reads, there are time for fun reads. This one belongs to the second category, despite quite serious in the epilogue.

The Redshirts is capitalizing on one of the Star Trek adage: “The Redshirts always die.” The redshirts in here refer to crews in Star Trek’s Enterprise who wear, well, redshirts. The redshirts are designated for engineering and security section. Somehow, the death toll of redshirts is significantly higher than the one wearing yellowshirts (command and navigation) or blueshirts (science and medics), hence the adage.

This novel can be approached from two point of view. It can be seen as one bad TV episode, or a parody. I prefer to use the second approach, which is to take this novel lightly. In order to fully enjoy it, you must take away all your prejudice and simply follow the logic given by the novel, no matter how impossible it is. And I guarantee you, it is a fun read, at least it gave me several good laugh.

Despite its light approach, actually the ending (the epilogue, I mean) is quite serious. It questions its own approach, in quite a philosophical way. I can even say that the whole gist is in the epilogue. (Cannot tell to much without spoiling the entire story). Having won Hugo award tells us something, that the novel is not just a parody. It is indeed telling us something.

Verdict, a decent 4 stars. (I find it difficult to give a parody a 5 stars)