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Echoes of Honor

January 28, 2015

77741The pace is already set from the previous book. The goal is clear, to escape from the prison planet Hades. The question is how?

Using his inner cadre that survived the death while escaping from Peeps prison ship, Harrington is making a plan. Fortunately, she has quite a resource with her. What she does not have is manpower, which are plenty in this prison planet.

At the home front, Harrington ideas are put into design, the new Medusa class Super Dreadnaught, the missile pod carrying dreadnaught, and the LAC carrier. Both are expected to change the playing field with the war against the Peeps.

The plot and pacing is already tense in the beginning, unlike the previous book (In Enemy Hands) that almost bore me to death. Even though there are no big surprises, the plot is satisfactory.

There is a change of form starting from this book for this series. Now Weber is using more multiple point of view. Some readers do not like the idea, since they don’t want to care what the enemy is thinking. I am clearly on the other side, I want to know what happened with the enemy. It makes the story richer. Anyway the enemy is not as clear as black and white. There is always a shade of gray in both camps. And this book supplies a good view on what happened in the enemy’s camp. Some characters are going to be influential in the next book.

Starting on this books also, the book is getting thicker. As long as it is not full of the hero worship and romance crap, I can take it.

Final verdict, it is way better than the previous one, which I think keep the series alive. Not the highest point, but certainly not bad at all. FOUR STAR.

four star