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Honor Among Enemies

August 26, 2014

Honor Among Enemies (Honor Harrington, #6)Honor Harrington is back from exile. Although she is reinstated into the Manticoran navy, circumstances does not allow her to be a captain of the list. Thankfully, there is an opening for her to be a merchant escort, due to some changes in situation in Manticoran navy. She is given a Q-ship (an armed merchant ship) to patrol the Silesian sector, a sector rampant with pirates.

So the story goes, she is the leading captain, patrolling the Silesian sector, hunting for pirates. There are no politics, no crazy war development, just pirate hunting.

Fortunately, the side story telling what happened among her crew is interesting. For this mission, she is getting the scrap of the bottom crew, the crew that other captains want to get away with. And she is damned lucky to have all the competent officers with her. With them she can beat this crew into some reliable fighting force.

For the first time in this series, we encounter the Andermani empire, a German speaking star kingdom. Maybe they will play an important role later in the series. It looks like that they are a bit cunning, not exactly black or white. Their strongest point is their spy network. I am looking forward to seeing more of them later.

In the end, she is facing a notorious pirates. The character of this pirate is too one dimensional to be interesting. He is just cruel, that’s it.

The final conflict which I will reveal here is interesting. Harrington again will be tested beyond her limit. With just a Q-ship, she must face a real battleship. The chance is not on her side, and she does not have the best crew with her. Will she survive? Of course, she is the salamander. It is just somehow that she is too lucky to be true. That is the only part that I don’t like in this series.

Verdict, so so, with some interesting parts. THREE stars.

three star


Household Stories by the Brothers Grimm

August 19, 2014

Household Stories by the Brothers GrimmNot the best book for entertainment or filling your head, eventually. But anyway it is a significant book if you are interested in mythology-fairy tale comparison.

I read this book as an assignment for Coursera. My first impression when joining looking at the lecture and reading this book is that it is oversexed. Everything is too Freudian, which I don’t really like. But again, maybe it is just my personal taste.

For example, the ever-going enmity between between the witch or queen (usually barren with no children) and a maiden is depicting the struggle of virginity and sexual maturity. It is the social mores that in one way holding virginity up-high, but in the end the maiden is forced to enter a marriage life, therefore loosing her virginity.

On my side, I tend to read the story more on the political side rather than sexual. What I see in the text is the struggle of class. Such theme is depicted in “Frog Prince”, which are a struggle between the working class (the frog) and the capital owner (the princess). Or in “Goose Girl”, showing the rebellion of commoners (the lady waiting) against her mistress (the princess).

So in the end, this is the book that you need if you are interested in looking at the symbolism that predates our modern world. For I am more interested in visionary theme, I would rather say that this kind of book is not my cup of tea. 3 STAR is more than enough.

three star