The Lottery

April 17, 2014

This short story is published first in 1948, after the carnage of World War II, and it created havoc! Most of the reactions are dislike! Of course at that time they did not have facebook or goodreads. They simply wrote tho newspapers and magazines to voice their dislike.

Nowadays, I think, this short story will have less impact. First, because several other stories with similar theme are published. Second, the horror of World War II (and Vietnam War, for the case) has been long gone. Iraqi and the war against Taliban is still fresh in the memory, but I think the impact is a bit less compared to the major war.

I guess that the horror of the lottery is related to the drawing of lottery in conscription, when we send young man to die in the battlefield.

Compared to this short story The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas is much stronger. It does not end in the shocking plot, but really gives us food for thought. There is also one horror movie with similar theme,  Population 436, which I think is also better than this short story.

Of course most audience will see the resemblance of this short story with [book:The Hunger Games|2767052]. Just remember, it is much much older than The Hunger Games. Maybe Suzanne Collins is influenced by this, or maybe not.

Despite the original message of this story might be forgotten (irony, irony), the story actually is quite fun to read, especially for grade school reading. My 3 STARS ratings is only for older audience, but children will find this book very interesting.

 three star



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