Field of Dishonor

April 10, 2014

504369The first official conflict between Haven Republic and Manticore Kingdom is resolved with the victory on the Manticoran side. But the conflict is far from being concluded. The political situation in Haven only exacerbates the situation.

This time, there are no big scale battle fought, but the clandestine war is by no means less cruel, if not even crueler. The enmity between Harrington and Lord Pavel Young becomes worse. The rise of Lady Harrington’s career and the court-martial of Lord Young will tear both of them equally. Despite there are no space battle, actually I feel that this novel is more tense than the third novel: The Short Victorious War. And by all means, it is also better.

The political situation in Manticore Kingdom is also troublesome. Even though Manticore is a kingdom, it is a parliamentary monarchy, like the United Kingdom. The balance of power is delicate, and the majority led by the Centrist and Crown Loyalist is threatened. Compromise must be made. And as always (sigh), Honor Harrington is in the middle of the storm.

On the lighter side, she must get accustomed to her new role in the House of Lords, being a Countess. She is also a Steadholder of Grayson, a foreign nation, which makes thing even more complicated.

There are plenty of “events” in this book to serve as the climax. The road ahead is indeed hard to travel. Later on, as the title of the novel suggested, it will be a field of dishonor for Lady Harrington.

Final verdict: 4 STARS.

four star

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