The Short Victorious War

March 26, 2014

2037129This is the weakest link in the series so far.

The clash in Yeltsin Star has started the conflict between Haven Republic and Manticore Kingdom. The Haven Republic, as always, denied any involvement. But nevertheless the tension is rising.

I am actually glad, because in this novel, we know more about what happened in the Havenite side. It brings more balance to the story, now we know what happened at the other side. The admiralty of Manticoran Navy is also troubled by the deployment of the task force. The protection of the allied nation is important, but also keeping the invading force at bay. The decision maker is torn between making a defense of an offense.

In this novel also, a full scale squadron battle is staged. The war is no longer a covert action, but a direct invasion. Unfortunately, the war, despite its bigger scale, fail to grasp the horror of war so well described in the second novel, The Honor of the Queen. This reason alone made me decreased the rating from 4 STARS to 3 STARS.

Don’t let my review disappoint you. There are still a lot of good points. We have a full squadron manoeuvre, some interesting battle tactics (not just from the Manticore side). To be honest, this book is the beginning of the full scale conflict between Haven and Manticore. It is just somehow, the emotional tone is out-scaled by the Grayson-Masadan conflict.

So, only 3 STARS.

Note: I like it that the info dump is separated from the main part of the novel and put at the back, so that it does not disturb the flow of the story.


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