March 5, 2014

Inferno (Robert Langdon, #4)Well, it is another adventure of Robert Langdon. (It makes me think, how come this Robert Langdon always included in every doomsday crisis. Since it is only a novel, I am not going to be so picky.) You have exotic places, puzzles, beautiful woman as Robert’s consort, art history, and bizarre individual. It is truly another Robert Langdon series.

Maybe since it is just another Langdon series, it is quite boring since the beginning. Dan Brown is repeating the same formula over and over again. (I have been bored since The Lost Symbol actually). Fortunately, I read this book just to waste time after some heavy reading, and that’s all what I get. Time wasted. If this is your first Dan Brown novel, maybe it is not going to be that boring. Or if you are Dan Brown’s die hard fans who vote for this novel in Goodreads Choice, maybe you are not going to be bored.

There is really nothing to tell from this novel really. I would suggest you read the original Inferno, some secondary book discussing Inferno, art history of Florence, Venice and Istanbul, and I guarantee it is going to be more interesting than this novel.

So why the 3 stars? Well, first, this novel is clearly written for Hollywood. It is fast pace, lots of plot twists, very graphic, and thrilling in many places. Well done on that Mr. Brown. You can get another Hollywood contract.

Two, THIS IS A MAJOR SPOILER, do not read if you have not finish the book by yourself.

I truly loves the ending. Even though Inferno itself is just another second rate thrill ride, the idea behind it is important. The world is indeed overpopulated. I might be a bit biased on this issue, because I myself am a supporter of Malthus. Malthus prophecy is not wrong, it is delayed. What he fail to foresee is the advancement of technology to revolutionize the production of food. But it cannot go forever, because our beloved Earth is FINITE. We can only dismiss Malthus prophecy by migrating to other system, which is still not in sight. I would say that I sympathized, even support the antagonist, Bertrand Zobrist, the crazy geneticist who create a virus to mutate one-third of world population to be sterile, to make the earth population dwindle. It is indeed a thought that needs serious consideration, given that it seems that we are not going to voluntarily reduce earth population by sterilizing ourselves. We still breed like rabbits, especially is third world country. Forced sterilization is indeed a more humane approach to reduce the population if you compare it with war or plague. For this reason alone if give this novel an extra one star.


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