Last Arguments of Kings

February 26, 2014

Last Argument of Kings (The First Law, #3)It is not easy to maintain the story of a long sequel. Most writers did good in the beginning, only to loose the steam at the end. This is not the case. Abercrombie succeed in maintaining the plot and keeping the flow of the story interesting. This alone makes the whole series worth 5 stars. It is indeed one of the best fantasy that I ever read.

It is a siege battle all over again, and a much greater scale than the Battle of Dagoska in the second book. The main force is still busy with the overseas campaign. The city garrison will have to do their best to buy some time before the army return. And it is going to be bloody.

At the same time, the campaign in the North is still dragging. Bethod, the King of the North, is as sleek as a seal. He really proves himself as a master strategist. It really takes a drastic measure to capture him, and the cost is extremely high.

But finally, what truly eludes me is the ending. It is not like any ending that I expected. To mention it here will be a major spoiler, you will have to read it by yourself. And it is a satisfying ending for a long series. Not expected, but satisfying with a great after taste. Not all writers can deliver this kind of ending!

Mr. Abercrombie, well done! 5 stars for the whole series.


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