February 4, 2014

YsabelYsabel, oh Ysabel. One thing, I think this novel is sexy. Despite it is marketed as YA novel, I don’t think that it is a YA novel. It is cute, but intelligent at the same time, fresh but also deep, which are the things usually missed in YA novels.

The story is beautifully opened by the landscape of Provence, France, quite photographically, actually. Anyway, the story is told from the point of view of a son of a photographer. And then slowly but surely, the story and mystery creeps in, in a very subtle way. The mystery is well blend into the story in a non-invasive way, to give it a really realistic feel. Mr. Kay, you are the man…

This novel also avoid the common romance theme, usually found in YA. It has all the problem of adolescence without making me want to puke. The main character is a bit geeky actually, which serves me well. The parent-children relation is also realistic, not full of the teenage angst usually used in YA novel. Everything is just given in proportion, like a perfect recipe, not to sour, not too sweet, just great.

But what I like most, is the relationship between the characters. They are realistic and believable, not over the top. You have real relationship between father-son, among colleague, mother-son, uncle-nephew. Everything is just so natural, even though it is set in an urban fantasy novel. The dialogue is crispy, and funny in places.

Who is Ysabel then? Well, that is the mystery. And I really enjoy the journey in searching this Ysabel. Unfortunately, once I find her, the story is going a bit downhill. All the mystery is already unfold, that makes the story loosing steam a bit. Not going bad, but still, not as exciting as the previous part.

That going down is why I give this novel only 4 stars. It could have been an easy 5 star. Sorry Mr. Kay.


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