Mistborn: The Final Empire

January 21, 2014

Mistborn: The Final Empire (Mistborn, #1)I have a high hope on this novel, based on the review that I read (from trusted reviewer). So high is the hope, that I feel a bit cheated.

The book is following a story line of two protagonist: both of them are mistborn (you would have to read the book to understand the term). Together, they are the main figures in a rebellion attempt to overthrown a dictatorship, hence the title: The Final Empire.

The book is not bad, actually, but it just doesn’t reach my expectation. It started with a heist story. But it felt short of the thrill if you compare it with The Lies of Locke Lamora. The heist is not that complicated, when one layer of lies is covered with another one, and maybe another one, just to play safe. It is as simple as playing magic trick, and the bad guys are just too easy to dupe.

The characters also also too linear. To compare with The Blade Itself, it looses in almost all aspect. The struggle of the main character is not really well-placed in the plot. The reaction of the character is too predictable.

The same thing also happened with the plot. The plot is already laid out since the beginning of the novel: to overthrow the evil empire. Well, it is a bit boring if you say that in the beginning. Maybe the author should include some personal mission, that everybody has their own mission in mind, while collaborating in the rebellion. It would make the story more interesting.

The best part of the book is the magic design. I will have to admit that Brandon Anderson is one of the best magic designer in the fantasy world. Maybe he spent too much time in designing the magic, that the plot seems to be lacking. The magic is so complicated that there are many pages dedicated to it, that it felt like a lecture. Maybe the author should leak it out bit by bit, or even confused the reader of how the magic actually works. It might make the story more interesting. This book will serve me as a reminder, when I write my fantasy novel, that magic design is important, but it is not everything. The plot is the king.

But I think the worst part of this novel, is the bad guy character. Not enough perspective is given for the bad guy, which is the evil king. To know something from his perspective might make the story more interesting.

Overall, actually it is not so bad, but having read it after reading The Blade Itself, the book indeed disappointed me. Maybe someone cast a Soothing while I read the book so that I didn’t feel any emotion.

So, only 3 star.

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