August 28, 2013

50144This book consists of two novelette: Kitchen and Moonlight Shadow. I like the second one better than the first one. Both novelette centered the story on the lost of loved one, desperation to live, and the struggle of moving on.

I read the English translation; somehow I feel that there is something missing in the translation. I cannot get the feel of the Japanese culture and way of thinking. I don’t know, maybe it is just me. I wish I could read the original Japanese.

Now on the novel itself. I give it only a three stars. I find it only up to par. I myself prefer I deeper one. Maybe because it touch only the emotional side, not including the rational and philosophical side. Maybe because it is too short, considering that it is only novelette. I just read Among Others, and I cannot help to compare them. Both novels are exploring the grief after being left by the loved one by death. Among Others is more profound and deep. Maybe it is not an apple to apple comparison, comparing that one is a novelette and the other is a full-length novel.

The best part of the novel is the unique point of view of several characters in it. Some of them are the point of views of transvestite and cross-dresser. I admit that it never crosses my mind, it is unique and genuine. If the writer is willing to explore more on that, than it can be quite a unique novel, and I will give it an extra star.

Verdict: 3 STARS.


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