Tarnsman of Gor

June 26, 2013

Tarnsman of Gor (Gor, #1)I stumble on this old book accidentally. It is only about 200 pages, so I think I can make it a quick read.

I do not expect a great deal of fantasy reading from this book. At best I think it is just some pulp fiction, so I begin without high expectation. And actually it surpass my expectation. It is a standard fantasy. Consider that it is first published in 1967, maybe it is quite OK at that time.

The storyline starts from a modern world, and than by some magic high-tech, the main characters is transported to an alternate world, call Counter-Earth, a medieval world with knights and kings. The writer spends lots of pages on the description of the world and culture, and even some reference to the language. Even though it is below par compared to modern standard (which has been set pretty high by writers like George R.R. Martin), I think it is quite decent, even at some points can be quite boring.

The world building is quite OK, a “C”. The author seems to try hard to design a genuine world, with its unique animal and religion. What I don’t like from this novel is the plot and the characters. By using nowadays term, the male main character resembles a Garry Stu of YA novels. Too strong, too handsome, and too lucky! And the women characters are too unimportant and too submissive. Which gives me no characters that I like to follow. The plot is also quite boring, typical type of quest without plot twist. The hero sets on a quest, finds companion along the way, had several set back, but eventually wins. That’s all. Done. Boring.

I want to give it a ONE star actually, but since it is published in 1967, I think I can give it a benefit of doubt by giving an extra star.

End note:
I am quite surprise while checking Goodreads review on this book. Some readers classify the book under BDSM, what the @#$%! Until I check the new cover of the book, published in 2007, Kindle edition. This is the piece of the evidence:
Tarnsman of Gor (Gor, #1)
Judge by yourself…

PS: there are NO BDSM in this novel. Barely having a slave chain in collar does not make it a BDSM novel. It is a straight fantasy novel, through and through. But I cannot guarantee that for the entire series.


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