Night Conversations with Cardinal Martini: The Relevance of the Church for Tomorrow

June 12, 2013

Night Conversations with Cardinal Martini: The Relevance of the Church for TomorrowToo bad he is not among us anymore. Cardinal Martini is one of the most progressive church leader in contemporary history. He is one of the contender to become the Pope, or papabile, until his health declined. Many of his thought, as shown in this interview, is way ahead of his time. As he said, the Catholic Church is 200 years lagging behind. If the church does not change, it might loose its relevance to this post-modern world.

The church indeed need to address to certain issue: sexuality, celibate life of the cleric, birth control, atheism and many things which are brought by this modern world. It is a bit difficult if the church still clings to its centuries old dogma.

The book is written in form of Q&A, asked by youngsters. Too bad, it is not clear to see which question was answered by Cardinal Martini, and which one by Georg Sporschill, so I cannot see which one is Cardinal Martini’s personal opinion. There are some repetitive tone also throughout the book. And since it is asked by youngsters, it certainly missed some other important issue. That’s why I give this book only 3 stars. If it is better edited, and answer some other issue, I will no doubt give it a 4 or even 5 stars. But do not let my 3 star let you down. It is still one of the best book on religion. Especially since it is the interview of one of the leading thinker of the catholic church. RIP, Cardinal Martini. Your voice will not die out.


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