April 16, 2013

Transformation (Rai-Kirah, #1)My first reaction of this book is not good. First, the cover, it looks like a romance fantasy. Bare-chested good looking guy, with wing? I certainly will skip it, if not my reading group recommendation. Second, somehow some people tag this novel with M/M relationship. What the #$%!? No way I am going to touch this. No offense guys, it is just not my thing.

The story is about a ex-Warrior, who later became a captured slave, and his Master, a prince from the most powerful empire. Together they will determine the future of not just the empire, but the whole realm.

But, again, since it is a “mandatory” read from my reading group, I read it. After several pages, actually it is quite good. The writing is flowing beautifully, the characters are well placed. It is just the plot that is a bit slow in the beginning. For almost 200 page, the plot is so-so. And the tension is risen, and everything comes out with full blown blast. And it is good.

There are not too many characters to follow. The world is simple enough, so is the magic. The only genuine part is the explanation of the Ezzarian community. Even that is not very complicated. So, it is quite an easy read actually. It is using a common formula for a sword, wizard, magic and sorcery fantasy.

Now about the M/M thing. I cannot see a hint of M/M romance relationship in this novel. Yes, there are no significant male-female romance here, but it does not mean that the other explanation exists. Does all fantasy need romance (like all the YA fantasy)? Certainly no. Can’t you just accept that there exists another thing beside romance that binds two person strongly such as servitude, honor, duty, and friendship? Romance is not the only formula.

What kept me from giving the book higher that 3 star is the originality. While it is a good read, it is too formulaic. The slave-master relationship is original though, and well explored. But again, I need something more. And the cover does not do justice to the book.


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