March 26, 2013

HeadhuntersThis is my first Jo Nesbø book. I read it in a high expectation actually, having read some crappy thriller novel. But I am disappointed.

The story is about a headhunter, whose side-job is also an art collection thief (that is not a spoiler, you get that from the first 10 pages). He is successful so far juggling between his “day” and “night” jobs. Until he find an excellent candidate to be headhunted, which turn his world upside down.

Labeled as a thriller novel, I find that the writing style of this book less thrilling. I cannot really pinpoint the mistakes. Maybe it is his first person POV style, or discursive writing. Even the detail seems to be annoying rather than thrilling. The plot is good, just somehow it does not come through. Only the beginning and the end is well written.

Maybe this book is written with a specific agenda his mind, to be made into a full feature movie (which he get it). The writing is too much graphic, and it does not serve for literary taste. If you ignore the words and see it as moving pictures, actually it is quite good. It is the image that is thrilling, not the words. It will be a good movie, I think, if directed properly.

Many reviewers in Goodreads as well as Amazon seem to share my conviction. This one is not one of his best. Instead this one is his worst. But that can be a good news, because all of his others works are better than this one. And I will just follow the suggestion of other reviewers to read his other works, especially the Harry Holle series, which they say are pretty good.

Verdict: 2/5.


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