Eye of the Storm

January 29, 2013

Eye Of The Storm (Sean Dillon, #1)A fast food book. Actually I read this book just because I get bored, and I want I light snack. And that’s what I get. A light snack.

The story is about a hit man, ex IRA enforcer, Sean Dillon. After disassociating with IRA, he became a hired gun, for anyone who can afford him. The background of the story is the First Gulf War, during Bush Senior administration. He was hire by Saddam Hussein regime to make a big hit, big enough to startle the West.

The story is quick-paced, you can read it without straining your brain or memory too much. But in some places, it is becoming too repetitive, sacrificing the thrilling effect for a supposed-thriller book.

And what really bothered me is the ending. It is anti-climax. It costs the book at least one-star in my review. It makes you say, “So after 300-pages of reading, just like that?”

Verdict: 2/5. I might from time to time try to read Jack Higgins again, when I get bored. Maybe I will try his other series, such as The Eagle Has Landed.


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