December 18, 2012

GrassAs any good sci-fi novel, it ponders a lot on the human nature; it questions religion and philosophy. The Grass has done a great job in this.

Grass is planet which the predominant vegetation is (not surprisingly) grass! Grass is located on the rim of galaxy wide-spread human civilization, which given its unique sociology.

The intro is a bit surprising, it does not give you any orientation. You get confused, or even let down, but once you finished the entire chapter, you are hooked (it’s a spoiler, so I will not spoil the fun).

One of the weak point of this novel I think is the character and the relation between the character. The characters in this novel just serves as “tiny little thing”, which serves greater purposes. They are just pawns of greater events, or in this story the greater race, it is not easy to fall in love with the characters.

But the weakness above is compensated by the discussion of the race itself, and you can fall in love with the race. It really makes you think about ourselves, whether we are too proud to assume ourselves as the pinnacle of the creation.

This novel also has a religious overtone. It criticizes the establishment of organized religion, and even the nature of the creator. You can also see that it hints a slight discussion on the abortion issue. Some readers might get offended.

The world development is also great. The sociology of the Grassian is interesting, even though it does not serve the main issue of the story. But nevertheless, it is really interesting, like a cherry on the topping of already delicious pudding.

Overall, it is a superb novel. Solid 4/5


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