Snow Crash

December 3, 2012

Snow CrashThis is not a book for everyone. First, it heavily scattered with computer terms, which might hinder the initiated person. Second, the hilarious and sarcastic style which will offend some readers. But if you are OK with that, this is an excellent book for you.

The story revolves around the protagonist, Hiro Protagonist (yes, that is his name), a pizza delivery man, a computer hacker, a part-time spy and a swordplay expert. You figure it out! The setting is a wholly privatized world, when the government is just another private company. And Snow Crash is some kind of digital drug within the digital world of the future.

One of my major complains about this book is the protracted beginning. It does not go anywhere except bringing you from one hilarious scene to another. Yes, it gives you some idea about the world they are in, but still too dragging. It does not get interesting before page 200. But if you survive that, you get the gem of this book (which I will not tell you because it will spoil the fun).

But I can tell you this, Stephenson is indeed a visionary writer. This book was first published in 1992, while most of us at that time probably knew Internet only by using email. In this book you can find the world of Second Life, when human-user can interact in a 3D virtual world called Metaverse using their avatar (yes, he used this term in this book), which is much bigger than the Earth itself.

The second interesting thing is his bleak vision of our future, which I might comment, is not too far fetch. This makes this book a bit depressing, if not frightening. Even though this is not an apocalyptic novel (in one sense, but apocalyptic in another sense), this book really makes me doubt that our future will be a golden age.

The best part of this book is the fresh interpretation of some mythologies. It really gives you food for thought.

Verdict: 4/5

I give it a four instead of five because it is too action packed, and it is too comical (It is originally written for comic book)


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