Killing Moon

November 27, 2012

Not a usual fantasy book, filled with knights, dragons, elves, dwarves and magicians. I think the world of fantasy is quite saturated already with all those. Jemisin is indeed a spring in the bareland of fantasy.

The story moves around three characters: Ehiru, a Gatherer, Nijiri, an apprentice, and Sunandi, a female ambassador. The setting is an impending war between two nation,which these three character want to prevent.

First, I like the world that she created in this novel. It is not your common medieval theme. She had done enough research in mythology also to create the reason behind the world creation. The magic system is also original, unlike the common magic that you find in most sword-and-sorcery novel.

Second, there are not too many characters to follow. This can be a good sign and a bad sign. The good sign, she can bring her reader close enough to sympathize with the character. The bad sign, the story is not complex enough (this is for you, A Song of Ice and Fire fans). But I think it is OK, since she is not trying to create a massive epic novel. The small numbers of characters serves the novel well-enough.

Third, I like the way she include the INTERLUDE in the midst of the novel to bring some background story.

Fourth, the best part I think is the way the writer unfold the story bit-by-bit, so the reader can savour and taste it. You don’t want to eat one meal with one giant gulp, but by piece-by-piece.

WARNING: do not read the glossary before reading the book. It will kill the fun of finding out by yourself.

Verdict: 4/5

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