World War Z

November 20, 2012

This is not your common zombie book, it is not your common book! It is written like a mock documentary, which is recording the survivor of War War Z, hence the title: The Oral History of World War Z.

The zombie (and war against zombie) is viewed from several genuine angle. Some interviewee plays key role in World War Z itself, while some are just victims or just spectators.

Since it is written as an interview, it is quite personal. You might sympathize some characters, while loathe others.

The genius of the writer lies within his way in describing many aspects of the war from personal views of the interviewee. From this piece and bits, we can start to construct the whole event of the war.

What makes it truly remarkable is the fact that this book is not about zombie after all! Zombie war is just a pretext of the greater issue: human ignorance, greed, heroism, global warming, and international politics. We can see this book as a satire of our real and present world!

Final verdict: only one word. Wow! Mr. Brooks must have done a very intensive research to come out with this book. Everything looks so real, the international politics, war tactics, mass behavior, everything.

This is one book that really effects me. It makes me think again about the future of mankind, for better or worst. Can we really survive as a species, given our trait of ignorance?

Verdict: 5/5

One comment

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