October 30, 2012

The first book is not perfect, but at least it is readable. This one is a big flop, which ensure me not to continue reading the next installment. This book, which is a sequel from Divergent, adds almost nothing to the first.

First, the opening is lame. It jumps right into the story just like it is the next chapter of the last book. It does not give you some reminiscence from the previous book.

And then the story. The plot is just about Tris making one stupid mistake continued with another stupid mistake, but turns out to be OK later. She is not a divergent to me, she is just the luckiest person, which never pay for the consequences (yes, her parent died, but she turns out to be OK anyway. She is not torn apart).

And the character development, I can simply say: None. Tris stays being Tris, Tobias being Tobias. The writer also does not seem to be interested in giving her audience the raison d’être of the act.

One ingredient of any fantasy/sci-fi novel is the world development. She has done well in development in the first book, but somehow it stopped there.

So no story, no character development, no world development, equals to nothing.

Sorry Veronica, you fail this one.

Verdict: 1/5 star


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