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October 30, 2012

The first book is not perfect, but at least it is readable. This one is a big flop, which ensure me not to continue reading the next installment. This book, which is a sequel from Divergent, adds almost nothing to the first.

First, the opening is lame. It jumps right into the story just like it is the next chapter of the last book. It does not give you some reminiscence from the previous book.

And then the story. The plot is just about Tris making one stupid mistake continued with another stupid mistake, but turns out to be OK later. She is not a divergent to me, she is just the luckiest person, which never pay for the consequences (yes, her parent died, but she turns out to be OK anyway. She is not torn apart).

And the character development, I can simply say: None. Tris stays being Tris, Tobias being Tobias. The writer also does not seem to be interested in giving her audience the raison d’ĂȘtre of the act.

One ingredient of any fantasy/sci-fi novel is the world development. She has done well in development in the first book, but somehow it stopped there.

So no story, no character development, no world development, equals to nothing.

Sorry Veronica, you fail this one.

Verdict: 1/5 star



October 26, 2012

Fast pace. A good “fast food” book. Easy to enjoy, but easy to forget also. Some might compare it with Hunger Games, but I think it has its own uniqueness (just like when many people try to compare any book with magic to Harry Potter).

It is set in a utopian world, which divides the society into factions: Candor, Erudite, Amity, Dauntless, and Abnegation, which capitalized on the virtue given on their name. Until something went wrong.

The different factions selected for different people might ring a bell with Harry Potter fans. This kind of selection I would say is not unique in Harry Potter; you can find it also in City of Ember. I still would argue that it is original. Especially when the factions are indeed run by the unique virtue, not to say excluding the other virtue.

The good: design of dystopian society. It is genuine, and believable, even though it is not foreseeable in the near future.

The bad: the love story. It is an unnecessary addition. It doesn’t make the story better, it even makes it worst. But it is understandable, since it is marketed as Young Adult Fiction.

Verdict: 3/5 star


Perubahan blog ini

October 26, 2012

Sudah lama saya tidak posting di blog ini. Pertama karena memang karena kesibukan, tetapi alasan utama adalah karena sudah jarang nonton film.

Blog ini dulunya banyak berisi review film, tetapi karena saya jarang nonton film (salahkan importir film yang hanya mengimpor blockbuster saja), maka gak ada yang bisa ditulis.

Oleh karena itu saya akan banting stir dengan lebih banyak memasukan review buku. Film saya akan saya masukkan kalau kebetulan nonton.